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ACS Kindergarten Literacy Library

Welcome to another rewarding school year! Our literacy library is a warm, comfortable environment for our students. We are so excited to meet and work with you and your rising kindergartener!
During their library time, students will have opportunities to practice the reading, writing, and phonics skills that they are learning in the classroom.  
You can help your child prepare for kindergarten by filling your home with reading materials: books, newspapers, magazines, comics, mail, captions on the TV, cereal boxes and recipes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this! Also, utilize the Leonia library and their website You will find many ebooks available for free. Libby is great for children. Another website we recommend for children’s books is Finally, be a reading role model for your child! Your kids look up to you. They model your every move. This includes your reading habits too! Make it known that you are actively reading. Pick up a book, mag…
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Kindergarten Music

Kindergarten Music

Kindergarten music class is a fun environment that allows children to explore their musical talents and creativity! Our program focuses on the element of play in music. This is achieved through the use of movement, games, dancing, puppets, stories and a variety of instruments. There is also a large component of vocal development at this age.
Classes are held once a week for 45 minutes. Our lessons are carefully crafted with the young child’s development in mind. Lessons are developed to allow children to express themselves freely in a welcoming and uplifting space. Music lessons reinforce important literacy, math and social skills. Students are introduced to a variety of different genres and multicultural music to help broaden their musical repertoire.
I am so excited to meet your child this upcoming fall. As a music educator I believe it is my goal to help create tuneful, beautiful & artful students who will develop a strong appreciation for music as they continue…

Kindergarten Social Emotional Learning

Kindergarten Wevengers

Kindergarten students have worked on building their feelings vocabulary while problem solving solutions to getting along in kindergarten. Stories and role play activities were ways we interacted on building our community skills! At our community campfires, we built on listening and following directions. We also joined our first grade members signing songs of kindness! We are always finding ways to be kind!

Mrs. Jacquie Almeida MEdProfessional School Counselor

Kindergarten Art

Kindergarten Art Education

Kindergarten is a special time in every child’s artistic development. New skills and abilities are developing in perception, using materials, and communication. You and your child will notice these changes in the artwork we create in the kindergarten art classroom.
Kindergarteners receive art education for 45 minutes every week. Our lessons explore developmentally appropriate activities using a wide variety of art materials and methods.
I look forward to meeting your child next year! As an art teacher, my goal is to create a vibrant happy art experience for your child and help to establish a lifelong love for art. 
With love,
Ms. Drillick

Kindergarten Physical Education

Kindergarten Physical Education

Children love our Physical Education classes!  Our program places an emphasis on the development of basic locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills.  We provide our students the opportunity to practice these skills in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and lessons.    
Classes are held twice a week, and last for 45 minutes each.  During this time, children learn the importance of healthy fitness levels and are provided opportunities to develop effective personal and social skills such as cooperation and good sportsmanship. We are so excited to meet your child in the upcoming year!   As physical education teachers we hope to make movement and fitness fun, creating a lifelong love of physical activity.
Please remember to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing on Gym days.   
Keep Active and Moving,  Mrs. Corn, Mr. Morales and Mr. Ryan

Sleep Guidelines

Anna C. Scott School Nurse’s Office Enough Zzzzzs: How to Help Children Get the Sleep They Need Sleep problems are very common in school age children. Problems may include waking up during the night, not wanting to go to sleep, nightmares and sleepwalking. Many children fall short of the recommended number of hours of sleep. This may lead to chronic sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep may prevent them from being alert and ready to learn at school, and also from leading a healthy life. A good night's sleep is important to a child's health and safety. Children who are dealing with chronic sleep deprivation have difficulty learning and paying attention in school. There are several things parents can do prevent their children from dozing in class.  Tips for healthy sleep habits for children: Keep a regular wake-up time and bedtime: If a child is having sleep problems, oversleeping or missing school, it’s important to create a regular sleep routine for them that will work seven days a w…

Sick Day Guidelines/ Helping Your Child Stay Healthy

Anna C. Scott School Nurse’s Office
Sick Day Guidelines: Making the Right Call  When should I keep my child home?
Keep your child home if he or she:  Has a fever of 100 degrees or higher  Has vomited or has had diarrhea  Your child must be home for 24 hours after vomiting or having diarrhea Has symptoms that prevent him or her from participating in school, such as:  Excessive tiredness or lack of appetite  Productive coughing & sneezing  Headache, body aches, earache  Sore throat  Redness, itching and /or discharge in one or both eyes Undiagnosed rash
A minor sore throat is usually not a problem, but a severe sore throat could be strep throat even if there is no fever. Other symptoms of strep throat in children are headache and stomach upset. Contact your pediatrician as your child needs a special test to determine if it is strep throat.